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Home Page Changes!

Good afternoon!

Just checking in on my day off. I have made a couple of changes to the Home Page of this site, hopefully for the better. I added the covers to both of my ebooks and also posted links to so that it is easy to click and purchase! Of course, I should also have links to the other websites where the book is available so that those readers who do not have a Kindle but might have a Nook, or just want to read a pdf file on their desktop or laptop can purchase! I will do that next!

I sure hope you all are having a great week. I seriously need to get myself organized and motivated to start the next project. Sometimes however, it feels like I am back in school and I really need to start that final paper. I can always find something else to do, like watch that Redbox movie because it’s due back tonight, or maybe reorganize the room, or wait, I haven’t cleaned the bathroom in a few weeks, perhaps I should do that first! Crazy! Not the bathroom needing cleaning, but always finding ways to put off doing what I truly want to do!

Anyway, I’ve already watched the movie, and cleaned the bathroom, and the room is pretty well in the best layout. So no time like the present to start the project!



Welcome to Steve Wilhelm’s Author Page

Hello and welcome to my new WordPress Blog/Web Site!

I was having quite a difficult time in my attempt to set up my own official “Web Site” that I had “set up” late in 2011. As of just a couple of weeks ago, and one renewal of my hosting charges and domain name fees, I still had not gotten it at all to where I could use it as an actual page. So I am now trying this format out. I sure hope it works! It may go through changes as far as appearance and from time to time, until I can get it tweaked enough to my liking and use, so please bear with me!

I am an author, part time and a full time Night Auditor at a Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites in the Seattle area. I have worked at the hotel now for over six years and during that time I have written three books. I have always wanted to be a writer, since I was just a child. I still have stuff I have written forty years ago in boxes. It’s fun to pull things out and read stories and plays I wrote way back in grade school (back in the ‘stone age’ it seems). It’s also a shame that I waited almost forty years to achieve a published book. Who knows where I would be had I started writing more seriously a long time ago!

My first book is an autobiography published in 2008 with Publish America. It is a novice piece of work. Grammatical errors all over the place. But PA did not edit it, and apparently neither did I, though I had gone over the manuscript it seemed like a million times. I couldn’t see reading it even once more. I should have. I am trying to get the rights back so that I can rework the book and self publish it as I have my last two books.

“Another Time – Another Chance” was published December 12, 2011 and was my first eBook.

“What would you do if you were given the opportunity to relive your past, and then found you had the potential to make changes? The short term benefits might be exhilarating and wonderful, but would the long term effects to your future be worth the risk?
“My name is Daniel Allen. My wife Lizzie and I have been married for almost twenty years; we are both very successful in our careers. We have a beautiful daughter, Megan, who has just started her first year at a University on the East Coast. We live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and really we want for nothing. I love my wife and daughter. There’s no question about that; never has been. Not really.”
Daniel is faced with this exact dilemma, when he finds himself transported back 25 years into his youthful body and reunites with Jules, his long lost love. Jules disappeared the night they were to elope and begin their lives together. Now that Daniel is brought back together with Jules, he desperately wants to change what went before, to alter the past and ensure that he and Jules embark on their journey. But in doing so, he will risk the successful life he has already lived, the beautiful wife and daughter he already has. Is the risk worth it? Is Daniel prepared to lose everything if things don’t happen as he so desperately wants, hopes and dreams?
Join Daniel on his mission, his journey into the unknown.”

I am proud of my first work of fiction and then a year later I published my second eBook, with Jamie Hornburg as collaborator.

“The Tales of Nick: The Seduction of Sera” is the title and is the first of two or three books in a series.

“Nick Ambrose, aspiring author and recovering alcoholic is on the verge of success. His first book is a hit and opening doors for him. He’s met Sera, young, beautiful and seems to be the girl of his dreams. Life is good. What could possible go wrong? “Dark, cold, trembling. Where was I? I shook my head and slowly the black turned to a dull grey. I opened my eyes and strained to see something – anything. My head throbbed as if a ping hammer was constantly pounding from the inside. The more I concentrated and tried to focus, the more I felt the pain in my head. It was overwhelming, and there seemed nothing I could do to overcome it. Why was I hurting so? The tumultuous angst was indescribable. I seemed totally immobilized, body, mind and soul. Where could I obtain help? Was there anyone out there?” Barry, Nick’s best friend is MIA and Nick now finds himself all alone. Demons from his past now come crashing into the fray, challenging all that Nick has worked so hard for. Could even Houdini find an escape from the binds that tie?

I am very proud of this second work of fiction, and enjoyed working with Jamie very much. I plan to continue working with her on upcoming projects as well.

I decided to go the eBook route rather than traditional publishing because it seemed more immediate and a medium that I see as growing more and more popular and mainstream in todays reading world. Most everything I had read was positive and my editor on the first eBook helped me ultimately towards my decision. Jennifer and her husband James, both have published scores eBooks available on Amazon, as well as other websites such as B&N, Smashwords and Kobo to name a few. They are full time authors now, and one day, I hope to become the same!

I hope those of you who read and follow this blog site will take the chance and read my books! I welcome any and all reviews regardless of the content!

Thanks for letting me rattle on with this long-winded diatribe. Hopefully it wasn’t too boring. More posts will follow, with varied topics, some project related, some just rambling on thoughts, rants or raves. Might even be reviews of movies that stand out, or whatever! But I will try to make things light and fun to read! Who knows, I might also post pictures and videos of things as well!

Stay tuned!

Steve “Dub” (2/23/2013)