Home Page Changes!

Good afternoon!

Just checking in on my day off. I have made a couple of changes to the Home Page of this site, hopefully for the better. I added the covers to both of my ebooks and also posted links to Amazon.com so that it is easy to click and purchase! Of course, I should also have links to the other websites where the book is available so that those readers who do not have a Kindle but might have a Nook, or just want to read a pdf file on their desktop or laptop can purchase! I will do that next!

I sure hope you all are having a great week. I seriously need to get myself organized and motivated to start the next project. Sometimes however, it feels like I am back in school and I really need to start that final paper. I can always find something else to do, like watch that Redbox movie because it’s due back tonight, or maybe reorganize the room, or wait, I haven’t cleaned the bathroom in a few weeks, perhaps I should do that first! Crazy! Not the bathroom needing cleaning, but always finding ways to put off doing what I truly want to do!

Anyway, I’ve already watched the movie, and cleaned the bathroom, and the room is pretty well in the best layout. So no time like the present to start the project!


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