Saturday March 9th, 2013

Greetings and happy Saturday!
Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! I am back at work after a couple of days out of state on an impromptu road trip to the Oregon coast, Lincoln City to be exact. It’s something I have been thinking about for several months, but either haven’t had the time or the money or just plain motivation to do it until last Monday. One thing I will do differently the next time (there WILL be a next time soon) is plan on more than a two day trip. I left Monday morning right after my night audit shift without so much as a nap. It’s a little over a five hour drive, and I was pretty much okay for that. But after arriving at  the motel and getting settled in, I was wearing down fast. It was difficult to justify going to sleep though, because it was warm and sunny and the next day was forecast cold and wet, so I stayed awake as long as I could. By 7:30 after a good meal at a Chinese restaurant next door to the hotel, I was done. The next morning it was surprisingly (not) cold and wet.
I truly planned to do some work on the next project while I was there. I figured the change of scenery and the relaxed atmosphere would do me some good. Well, the change of scenery and the relaxed atmosphere did do me some good, but I did not get any writing done. I’m not upset or down on myself because of that. I think I knew somewhere inside that I might not. And I was and still am okay with that. I did, however, do a lot of THINKING and planning on the plot and characters and since I have been back I have started the outline on the next project.
Jamie and I have been getting some good, positive feedback regarding “The Tales of Nick: The Seduction of Sera.” There have been great comments on my Facebook author page, and some readers have said they will be posting reviews on the sites they purchased the book from. I will be excited to read these! And I will be happy to post these reviews on here as they come in!
For now I would like to share what Peggy Boguski Cantrell wrote on my Facebook author page: “Just finished the book!!!!! Waiting for the “to be continued!!!” Get busy!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!” She went on to say: “Absolutely loved the book! Definitely hard to put down – cant wait to read the continuation! Steve & Jamie you did a great job!” Thanks for your kind words, Peggy! I sure appreciate them, as I’m sure Jamie does!
Hope you all have a great day, and again, thanks for reading!
Steve Wilhelm

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